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An effective, safe and profitable mycotoxins binder with the appropriate dose according to the level of contamination and the target species is the most reliable response to the challenge of mycotoxins in animal production.

The main characteristics of BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® are:

  • High efficacy

  • Can bind the most dangerous mycotoxins

  • The product efficacy is pH-independant

  • Fast action against mycotoxins after feed intake

  • Selective product; without vitamins or amino acids adsorption

  • Absence of toxic components in the adsorbent material


Mycotoxicosis leads to many serious health problems such as immunosuppression, carcinogenic effects, target organ damage, intestinal and reproductive health problems, etc.

Its effects can be acute or severe due to the short exposure to high doses, or chronic when the animal is exposed to the toxin in small amounts for a long period of time.

A mycotoxin binder is a substance that is added to the animal feed in very small quantities with the aim of neutralizing or immobilizing mycotoxins, as they are harmful to the gastrointestinal system of the animal.

As its name suggests, mycotoxins binders “bind contaminants” managing to trap them in a clay or other porous material through a process known as adsorption.

How does a mycotoxin binder work?

  1. The product binds to the mycotoxin when identified, acting as an adsorbent.

  2. Once the mycotoxin is adhered to the binder layers, the electrical force generated by the atoms of both compounds reinforces the union.

  3. At this point, a good binder proceeds to immobilize mycotoxins.

  4. Thanks to the mycotoxin binder, mycotoxins are neutralized and eliminated through excretion.


When selecting a mycotoxin binder, it is very important to ensure that it is specific and selective. A non-specific binder will adsorb other nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, thus reducing the animal’s performances.


At BIŌNTE we work every day to remain as the global team players in mitigating mycotoxins.

As specialists in the field of mycotoxins we have manage to innovate and present effective and sustainable solutions to the market to improve animal nutrition and health.


And one of these solutions is the mycotoxins binder QUIMITŌX®.


QUIMITŌX® is a solution developed at BIŌNTE after more than 20 years of research in the mycotoxins binder segment. It has the ability to mitigate the negative effects of mycotoxins associated with animal nutrition in a safe, effective and profitable way.

Our product is already present in more than 30 countries internationally and this is the fruit of our efforts and commitment to offer the best technical and commercial service to our customers.

Our team will be at your service through the process. Contact us!

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