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Probio has been established in 2016 based on a quarter century experience on Animal Nutrition and Health. Probio is consisting of Industry and Academic level experts on animal health, animal nutrition, feed additives and feed/food safety.

At Probio, we work closely with the farming industry to increase animal health and wellbeing, improve hygiene standards and biosecurity, enhance productivity and profitability, and make farming safer for livestock, workers and consumers. Our solutions that work in synergy with each other, and in synergy with your operations, to create a complete and comprehensive range from a single source, which is trusted.



PROPHYLAXIS is cheaper than TREATMENT. Wholesome and Affordable Food helps to buildup Healthy Generations. We dedicated ourselves to help producers for profitable and safe production by providing science based and practically applicable solutions.


PROBIO has set the goal to be trusted solution partner on Animal Nutrition and Health.   



PROBIO aims to provide solutions to the feed food chain to feed the world wholesome food.

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