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Müge Önder Apaydın
Food Engineer

Aqua Feed & Pet Food Expert 


Mobile : +90 536 242 7248

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Work Experience

Dec 2018

Jan 2016 - May 2018

Feb 2014 - August 2015

May 2012 - Feb 2014

July 2009 - April 2012

Dec 2008 - July 2009

April 2007 - Oct 2008

June 2001 - April 2007

Business Partner and Consultant @PROBIO

Aqua Feed & Petfood Production Consultant 


Helping and advising aquafeed and petfood producing companies optimizing recipe formulation according to the general regulations all around the world while keeping the minimum nutritional requirements of cats and dogs at all life stages and for different breeds,trying to reach the lowest and reaasonable prices for the market, ensuring a system for placing the quality control procedures and analysis of raw materials, functional feed ingredients and finished products. 

Assisting staff working in the quality control, production and raw material supply departments and product managers how to create products according to the demand of the market; local sourcing while keeping the qualilty as required, provide information to the operators in the production about process critical control points to achieve finished products as asked by the customers. 

BioMar-Sagun, Söke, Aydın.

Quality Manager – Feed Formulator 


In charge of the QA staff and responsible for ensuring Product Safety, Legality and Quality through effective HACCP, Global Gap and other Quality Systems. 


Responsible for formulation of product recipes, preparing the technical specifications of raw materials and final products. 

Aller Petfood Turkey, Salihli, Manisa.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) 

Responsible for the daily operation of the company; responsible for ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective and that the proper management of resources, distribution of goods, cost efficient production, high consistent quality and services to customers, and analysis of queue systems is conducted. 


  • Developing and cascading the organization’s strategy/mission statement to the lowerranking staff, and implementing appropriate rewards/recognition and coaching/corrective practices to align personnel with company goals 

  • Planning by matching customer, employee, and organizational requirements 

  • Ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective and that the proper management of resources, distribution of goods and services to customers, and analysis of queue systems is conducted 

  • Maintaining and monitoring staffing, levels, Knowledge-Skills-Attributes (KSA), expectations and motivation to fulfill organizational requirements 

  • Driving performance measures for the operation (including a consideration of efficiency versus effectiveness), often in the form of dashboards convenient for review of high level key indicators 

  • Contact to and responsibility towards all Turkish authorities 

  • Responsible for the plant team 

  • Responsible for running the plant at the optimum at all times. 

  • Responsible for budget, reporting and accounts 

Novus International, Inc. 

Aqua Business Development Specialist, EMAE 

Responsible to plan and carry out all sales activities on assigned accounts and areas. (Turkey, Egypt, Greece) Responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and managing quality of product and service delivery. 

  • Preparing sales action plans and strategies and schedule sales activity 

  • Making sales calls to new and existing clients 

  • Making presentations of company products and services to current and potential clients, consulting on technical/quality based problems 

  • Negotiating with clients, develop sales proposals, prepare and present sales contracts 

  • Preparing sales activity records and weekly/monthly sales reports 

  • Ensuring customer service satisfaction and good client relationships follow up on sales activity 

  • Monitoring competitors, market conditions and product development 

  • Generating and qualify leads 

  • Sourcing and developing client referrals 

PETFOOD SAN. TIC. LTD.STI, Salihli, Manisa. 

Plant Manager 

Responsible for overseeing the onsite day to day manufacturing operations, as well as implementing significant continuous improvement activities, cost efficient production, high consistent quality and services to customers. Responsible for formulation of product recipes. 

  • Optimizing labour and material and equipment resources to maximise process efficiency. 

  • Making manufacturing processes more profitable, lean and efficient. 

  • Managing the production team. 

  • Interfacing with customers and stakeholders on a daily basis. 

  • Planning maintenance, outages and project works. Planning process improvements. 

  • Ensuring high product quality standards. 

  • Driving employee engagement in the company. 

  • Recommending short and long term Plant objectives. 

  • Ensuring compliance with local regulations and internal policies & procedures. 

  • Working with the marketing team regarding the development of new products and encouraging continuous improvement within the business. 

  • Managing all on site operational components. 


Quality Control Manager, R&D Engineer 

In charge of the QA staff and responsible for ensuring Product Safety, Legality and Quality through effective HACCP and Quality Systems. 

  • Improving quality assurance processes and practices. Involved in the recruitment and mentoring of QA Engineers. 

  • Developing and driving continuous improvement initiatives. 

  • Overseeing and coordinating the investigation of Customer Complaints and Nonconformities. 

  • Investigating incidences of staff non-compliance of procedures. 

  • Carrying out routine sampling of products produced. 

  • Writing up Quality Assurance manuals. 

  • Responsibility of food/feed safety and ensuring that internal and external audits are properly carried out. 

  • Assisting with the training and development of staff. 

  • Dealing with technical issues as they arise. 

  • Managing the factory internal audit programme. 

  • Ensuring that corrective action is taken to rectify any shortcomings. 

  • Responsible for formulation of product recipes, preparing the technical specifications of raw materials and final products. 

  • Managing quality control operations of raw materials, process and finished products. 

  • Responsible to the relevant authorities. 

Denizsan Maritime Inc. , İstanbul. 

Aquaculture Producer. (Rainbow trout production) A 20,000-ton freight ship which was rebuilt as a fish farm, with Rainbow Trout grown in eleven separate tanks from 25gram to large size 3-3,5kg. It is a mobile fish farm project, Patented innovation which is a freight vessel transformed to a mobile fish farm & processing factory. 

Production Planning - R&D Engineer 

Area of responsibility:

  • Product cultivation from egg to harvest size, harvesting, processing on platform. 

  • Importing and local purchasing of relevant materials, 

  • Reporting and responsible to General Manager & Executive Board. 

  • Analyzing and reporting the results of ongoing process and quality testing of products in order to maintain the life support conditions of products in accordance with defined criteria, 

  • Analyzes possible reasons for non-conformance and reports necassary corrective action to minimize problems that may occur, 

  • Filling weekly, monthly status (feeding, growth, water quality etc.) reports, detailing conditions and activities performed of the production on the platform, 

  • Reporting analysis related with overall product quality, 

  • Application of food safety management systems, controlling sanitary conditions within production area and related equipments, 

  • Coordinating feeding plan and feed supply, 

  • Controls the analysis and actions to meet risk points in acc. with HACCP, 

  • Assisting in supply of eggs-import, juveniles and transfering products to platform, 

  • Controls and assists the actions towards the improvement of the processes in order to increase the productivity, decreasing the production costs 

  • Adheres to the relevant and prescribed quality system and participates in Quality System improvement activities, 

  • Participates in QA/QC meetings, identifies problems and takes necassary corrective actions. 

Cagatay Feed Company, İzmir. 

Fish Feed & Pet Food Producing Company 

Quality Control Manager, R&D Engineer 

  • Responsible for all levels of quality control/quality assurance system. 

  • Principle duties and responsibilities: 

  • Ensuring highly disciplined compliance with all regulatory and company defined food safety and sanitation standards, procedures, practices and systems such as Vendor Certification, 

  • Inbound Inspection, Microbiological Testing, Lot Tracking, daily and periodic Sanitation, 

  • ISO 9000, HACCP, Pest Control, and Food Safety and Quality Systems Training to guarantee absolute wholesomeness of the products. 

  • Managing QA plan to ensure compliance with all product and process quality parameters. 

  • Formulating new recipes and optimizing existing recipes according to product specifications. 

  • Developing and implementing new methods and procedures to drive improvements in product quality and safety. 

  • Bringing QA system into consonance with IFS (International Food Standard) and Global 

  • Standard for Food Safety of BRC (British Retail Consortium). 

  • Works with Plant Manager, Production Manager to solve and fix production line problems. 

  • Works with Sales and Marketing team members, tracing, reporting and making response for customer complaints. 

  • Involved in Research & Development projects, fish feed trial studies conducted in fish farms and/or universities, new product development and related nutritional and technical studies, Identified, developed and secured alternate raw materials to prepare cost effective feeds. 

  • Maintained efficient inventory control of raw materials to ensure the capital is not tied up unnecessarily and so protected production when there are problems with the supply chain. 

  • Experienced on preparing import/export documentation of raw materials and finished products. 

  • Involved in purchasing of raw materials and ingredients from local market. 

  • Investigated new equipment installed in the factory to make sure that it would comply with quality assurance procedures. 

Qualifications & Skills 

  • Extensive experience of running a busy office efficiently. 

  • Proven team building skills. 

  • Efficacious working in a team and sharing knowledge. 

  • Able to remain calm under pressure and stress. 

  • Aware of confidentiality. 

  • Excellent interpersonal communications skills. 

  • Strong analytical ability. 

  • Comfortable working in a wide variety of environments. 

  • Creative problem solving ability. 

  • Strong decision-making and problem solving skills as well as time management skills 

Training Courses & Seminars, Projects 

  • Netsis Enterprise System training (focusing production/cost of goods sold module), Inova Bilişim, 2014 

  • Salesforce (CRM Software System) Training, 2012-2013, Miller Heiman Trainings 

  • Conceptual & Strategic Selling, Novus Int, 2013 

  • WAS Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 2013 

  • EAS Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 2013 

  • Petfood Forum Chicago, USA, 2012 

  • Petfood Forum Europe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2010 

  • BRC & IFS Global Standards Training, organized by USB, Izmir, Turkey, 2009 

  • ISO 22000:2005 Training & Internal Auditor Certification, organized by BAMER, Didim, Aydın, Turkey 2009 

  • International Grains Program, Kansas State University; Short Course related with Fish Feed Manufacturing, Kansas City, USA, 2008 

  • Aquaculture Europe 2007, International Conference, Istanbul, Turkey,2007 

  • International Aquaculture Exhibition Conference, Kish Island, Iran, 2006 

  • Petfood Symposium organized by Kemin, Brussels, Belgium, 2005 

  • Recent Advances on Mediterranean Marine Fish Nutrition, organized by DSM&HCMR Athens, 2004 

  • XII International Symposium on Fish Nutrition and Feeding, Biarritz, France, 2004 

  • American Soybean Associations’ seminars related with Aquaculture and Soybean products, Izmir, Turkey, 2004 

  • ISO 9000 Quality Approach & HACCP Training, 2000 

  • “OperationsII” Final Project: Setting up a production facility producing Glucose syrup. 

  • Graduation thesis: University’s Food Quality Control Lab. Accreditation –Application of 

  • ISO EN 45001, 2000 

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